Jeanuine will cease activity on September 30th. We want to thank our customers and everyone who loved our jeans.
We will miss you!
We will not accept orders anymore starting October 1st 2019.

Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions govern the terms of sale for any user of the websites who purchase a product on the website of the same name. and are the property of Jeanuine Limited whose registered office is located at Unit C, 8/F, King Palace Plaza, 55 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
The principal activity of the website is the distance selling of products, primarily jeans. The stated terms and conditions are exclusively applied to all sales and cannot be supplanted unless otherwise agreed upon in writing prior to any transaction between the Jeanuine Limited and a third party.
The modification or updating of the terms and conditions can be changed by Jeanuine at any given time and will take immediate effect once they are published online.
All orders made before the online release of any modification or update of the terms and conditions shall be subject to the conditions present during the time of order.
All users of the Jeanuine website must open a personal account to place an order. Users have the option to open an account while navigating the website or when placing an order.
Members should provide valid personal information in order for Jeanuine to deliver purchased products efficiently. Each member is solely responsible for the usage of his/her personal account unless it were to be deleted.
The deletion of a member’s personal account may be made by Jeanuine, at will and without notice or indemnity, should the use of said personal account disrespect Jeanuine’s terms and conditions or if any actions breach the interests of Jeanuine. A member may request for the deletion of his/her account at any given moment by sending a request to the customer service team of Jeanuine.
The customer service team may be reached via the "Contact" tab present at the upper right hand corner of all pages of the Jeanuine website.
All users should open a Jeanuine personal account to be able to become a member and place an order.
Once the payment has been validated, a confirmation email is sent to the member via his/her provided email address. However, Jeanuine reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order; should there be a problem related to payment, if a member presents a conflict of interest with Jeanuine’s terms and conditions such as a discrepancy of payment, negative use of Jeanuine’s products or the brand name, etc…
In the case wherein an order cannot be validated but a bank transaction has been made, Jeanuine will reimburse the full amount paid to the member who placed the order.Jeanuine members can track the progress and status of their orders through their personal accounts, under the “Orders” tab. Members will receive email updates during each stage of production, of which certain stages feature an accompanying video presentation.
Jeanuine displays its prices in U.S. Dollars (USD/$), Euros (EUR/€) and British Pounds (GBP/£) including taxes and/or VAT for orders within United States and the European Union. Prices may be modified at any given moment without prior notice. However, an order that has already been validated cannot be subject to price modification.
For orders outside of the United States and the European Union, paying mandatory local taxes and VAT will be the responsibility of the client.
The payment method utilized by Jeanuine is the online payment solution provider PayPal Inc., one of the top internet payment solutions providers.
To finalize all transactions, users will be redirected to a secure PayPal page. PayPal accepts payments by major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. To validate a payment, the following information will be requested: name of the cardholder, card number, expiration date and finally, the 3-digit security code located at the back of the card.
For users who have a personal PayPal account, they may choose to pay via their personal PayPal account.
The security of all payments is handled exclusively by PayPal. Jeanuine does not access the personal bank account information of its members. All orders will be subject to a new request for a member’s bank account information each time.
PayPal is the only entity who collects the required information for all transactions. This information is not accessible to third parties.
Jeanuine ships all products worldwide using predetermined shipping fees.In view of the nature of the products: "unique, personalized, made-to-order jeans", standard delivery time is within 4 weeks unless otherwise indicated on the website. In case of delays, extraordinary circumstances beyond Jeanuine’s control or inaccuracies in the delivery address, neither Jeanuine nor its transporter will be held liable.
During the entire production process and the shipment of the order, Jeanuine members have the possibility to track the progress of their jeans, in real time, via the "Orders" tab in his/her personal account.
Jeanuine’s return policy takes into consideration the risks of shopping online and allows exchange in 2 cases:
1. An exchange will be possible should the size does not fit.
Each client is given the opportunity to exchange his/her order with Jeanuine in case of a size error. We acknowledge that shopping online presents some risks, as such we have implemented this special exchange policy. Jeanuine will reproduce the same jean’s design with the new size/s provided by the client.
2. An exchange will be possible should there be any product defects or, when applicable, due to an error made by Jeanuine.
Only products that do not correspond to specifications of a customer’s order will be eligible for an exchange. This policy takes into consideration the unique nature of personalized jeans which are custom made per order.
How do you process an exchange request?
Clients should contact the Jeanuine team within 7 days after reception of their package. To contact us, simply click the “Contact” tab available on all pages of the website or the “Contact Jeanuine” tab available on the right side panel of a client’s personal account.
Clients must fill out the required documents for Jeanuine to verify an exchange; either by completing the “Return & Exchange” questionnaire, accessible in the client’s personal account under the “Contact Jeanuine “ tab, or by relaying the order number and the details of the problem via the “Contact” tab available on all pages of the website.
The Jeanuine team will reply to your request by email as soon as possible and might ask for additional information when necessary.
For orders delivered within United States or France::
Once the request for an exchange has been validated by Jeanuine, a prepaid shipping label will be sent via mail to the client so he/she may return the pair of jeans at no additional cost. The client will simply need to attach the shipping label to the return package.
For orders delivered outside United States or France::
For an exchange of order in which the size does not fit, the client must send the pair of jeans to an address to be determined by Jeanuine. The return shipping cost will be shouldered by the client.
For defective products; once the exchange request has been validated by the Jeanuine team, a prepaid shipping label will be sent to the client via mail so he/she may return the defective pair of jeans at no additional cost. The client will simply need to attach the shipping label to the return package.
Jeans must be returned in their original packaging and should not show signs of wear (except for an initial at home trial). All tags, labels and miscellaneous accessories should also be included in the package.
Returns sent directly to Jeanuine registered office will not be accepted.
Production and delivery time of the new jeans will take 4 weeks starting from the reception date of the returned jeans.
Requests for reimbursement will not be accepted.
Jeanuine promo codes can only be used once and cannot be exchanged for cash. Jeanuine reserves the rights for its promo codes to be used privately. As such the promo codes cannot be transferred, exchanged or sold to other parties.
The use of a promo code recognizes that the member has read, understood and accepted the general terms and conditions at the time of order. This offer is not valid in countries where it is prohibited by the law.
A gift card is a voucher which is sent in PDF format attached to an email. It allows the recipient to pay part of or the total amount of a purchase on all websites.
Gift cards are none cumulative and can only be used once. Should the amount of the gift card be greater than the purchase for which it is used, the difference cannot be used for a new purchase. The promo code for the gift card will already be considered "used".
Jeanuine gift cards are valid for one year from the date they are sent to the recipient. The validity date is indicated on the card. Gift cards cannot be registered. Anyone in possession of the promo code on the card can use it to make a purchase. A Jeanuine gift card is neither exchangeable nor refundable even in case of loss or theft.
The sender of a Jeanuine gift card receives an invoice by email summarizing the amount, expiration date and the recipient's email address for the gift card.
The currency chosen during purchase of the gift card should also be the same currency selected during its use. Example: A gift card in Euros cannot be used to make a purchase in Dollars.
The purchase and use of a gift card constitutes acceptance of the Jeanuine terms and conditions.
Jeanuine guarantees the confidentiality of all personal user data and protects the privacy of its users. Personal information is only used to liaise with clients concerning their orders and intermittently to send promotional offers via email.
A client has the option to unsubscribe from Jeanuine’s newsletter at any given moment by clicking on the provided link found at the bottom of each email.
Jeanuine does not disclose any of its members’ personal information to other parties.
The Jeanuine website is strictly for personal use only unless otherwise agreed upon with a partner for commercial purposes. Commercial use is strictly regulated through an exclusive contract between Jeanuine and its partner/s.
All content (trademarks, logos, texts, images, videos, sounds, etc...) as well as all underlying technology are the exclusive property of Jeanuine Ltd which are trademarked in USPTO, WIPO and INPI.
Reproduction, in whole or in part, of any content constitutes infringement wherein the offender/s may be subject to civil and criminal charges.
It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of all information given regarding the exact specifications and details for customization as well as the final delivery address of the product. Jeanuine will not be liable for any errors involving the design, size and/or any other miscellaneous issues of the delivered product/s as well as inaccuracies of the delivery and/or billing address should these inaccuracies stem from the information provided by the customer.
Due to the “customizable” nature of Jeanuine’s products supplementary parameters are defined to protect the integrity of the brand. As such Jeanuine will nullify the manufacturing of any product having the following characteristics:
-Any and all content violating the law.
-Any and all content violating intellectual property rights.
-Any and all content involving violence, hatred, prejudice and/or all types of discrimination (ethnic, sexual, racial, etc…).
-Any and all defamatory content.
In the event that a product should fall under one of these categories, Jeanuine will contact the client to discuss a possible modification.
If an agreement between both parties cannot be settled upon and should the production of the order be impossible due to the strictures contained in these terms and conditions, Jeanuine will offer either a refund of the full amount paid or a voucher equivalent to the original purchase price which will be valid for use on the Jeanuine website only.
In the event that a product deemed conflicting to the restrictions stated above is produced, Jeanuine cannot be questioned or held liable for any possible repercussions of the use of said product.
Hong Kong S.A.R. laws construed in the presented terms and conditions of sale. In the case of a dispute, Jeanuine will first seek a settlement agreement between the parties involved in the litigation.
The total liability of Jeanuine Ltd. can never exceed a sum more than the amount paid for the disputed transaction or product, whatever the form or cause of the issue at hand.
Should the parties involved not be able to reach a settlement to resolve the case/s, legal jurisdiction will be exclusive to the local courts of the country where the registered office of Jeanuine Ltd. is located.